For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.
I Corinthians 2:2

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

...with arms high, and heart abandoned... part 3

When I started this post I didn't even consider that I would end up splitting it up into three different sections... I was planning on posting a quick rundown of the weekend, and what God taught me through it all, but He obviously had other plans... plans that are far greater than my own. Everytime I wanted to end the post, God put more on my heart... I wanted to be able to convey the truths I learned throughout this entire process.... so thanks for bearing with me and continueing to follow along with the story...

Chapel ended around 9:30 friday night. The girls headed back to their cabins for a time of fellowship, reflection, and prayer. The guys did the same. I stayed back in the chapel to set up for the late night worship service. Originally I had asked a few of the youth to stay back with me and help set up, but after chapel ended I gave them the option to head back with everyone else and be apart of the time of prayer. I began to change my focus... I was becoming less concerned with sticking to the schedule, and more concerned with how I can help these youth grow spiritually. Some chose to stay with me, others headed back. We quickly transformed the room with candles. We surrounded the area of worship with small candles in canning jars. Ou desire was to create an atmosphere that would lend itself to the possibility of a more intimate worship. The lights were dimmed, and candles were lit. The youth began filing back into the chapel at 10:30. The worship night was incredible. testimonies were shared. songs were sung. hearts were focused. My heart was focused.

The weekend ended on saturday morning. At our last chapel service Ash Farley brought a message... a perfect way to end the retreat. He spoke to our youth about giving up the throne of our lives. He challenged that if we are to have unity as believers, and be a great influence for Christ, it first starts with ourselves. Recognizing that their is not enough room in our hearts to fulfill our flesh's desires, and God's will. We must make a choice to daily give over control to Jesus. Make His desires our desires. I am so incredibly thankful for Ash, and his ability to teach. God has blessed this youth ministry with passionate youth workers. They love these youth. They sacrifice their time and efforts so that they can be apart of the great work that Jesus Christ is doing within our ministry. Without the help of these workers, this weekend would not have been able to happen.

This retreat was definitely a learning experience for me. I learned alot about myself, and where I am at in my relationship with Jesus Christ. I learned that God is more concerned about His children's spiritual life, than He is with sticking to a schedule. I learned that if I just let go and allow Christ to lead, I can't go wrong.

My arms are high... my heart is abandoned... I am choosing to let my Savior sit on the throne. I know that I can have a greater impact and influence if I let go, and let God lead.

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